Yellow vitamins for anti aging sit on a wooden spoon in front of a light pink background.

Best Supplements and Vitamins for Anti-Aging

Explore the often shaky science backing popular supplements, and why holistic approaches like diet and exercise remain the gold standard for longevity.

A college student with arms spread wide hikes through the wooded area near campus, enjoying the benefits of a nature walk.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Nature

From stress reduction to cognitive function, explore why a stroll in the great outdoors offers benefits for your health.

A Garmin watch shows how it uses heart rate technology to measure stress.

How Does Garmin Measure Stress?

Explore how Garmin uses heart rate variability to accurately measure stress levels. Dive into the science of HRV, its importance, and how to improve yours.

Multiple bowls of supplements on a marble counter represent the hidden dangers of certain common vitamins.

How to Make Safe Choices With Supplements

Navigating supplements? Learn the risks and why more isn’t always better. Prioritize healthy food, consult your doctor, and stay informed to ensure safety.

An older woman reads instructions included with her menopausal hormone replacement therapy pack before beginning treatment.

Perimenopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy — An Updated View

We re-evaluate the benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for perimenopausal women: debunking myths, exploring benefits, and identifying risks.

A woman in a pink shirt pinches some excess body fat around her waist, representing a discussion on the types of body fat.

The Two Types of Body Fat Worth Knowing About

Discover how two classic body types relate to the different types of body fat, and learn why understanding them is key to understanding your health.

A woman with short, gray hair laughs with her hand on her face, representing women’s peri- and postmenopausal sexual health.

Common Myths About Women’s Sexual Health You Should Stop Believing

Dispelling myths about postmenopausal sexual health and why women should expect satisfying sexual lives into their 60s, 70s, and beyond.

A pile of pills lies on a blue tabletop next to a measuring tape, symbolizing GLP-1 agonist side effects.

Wegovy, Ozempic, and Mounjaro: Approach Miracles With Caution

Miracle drug, or just a drug? Discover the truth about GLP-1 agonist side effects so you can weigh the benefits against the risks.

Two feet stand on a scale with a tape measure curled on the ground nearby, representing BMI vs. body composition.

BMI vs. Body Composition: What’s the Difference and Why Should You Care?

Discover the crucial differences between BMI vs. body composition, which provides more helpful data, and why it matters for your health.

A man in a white tank top holds a static plank on a yellow yoga mat to improve his core strength for cycling.

Don’t Ignore the Core: How Core Strength Is Essential for Cycling

Core strength is crucial to your power and performance on a bike. Don’t underestimate the impact of a strong core for cycling or any other athletic endeavor!