A woman sits calmly on her blue couch, properly measuring her blood pressure at home for an accurate reading.

Own Your Blood Pressure (and Get More Accurate Readings)

Blood pressure is important, but did you know the WAY you measure it is important too? Learn how to measure blood pressure for an accurate reading every time.

Three statin pills for cholesterol sit close on a wooden table, with out-of-focus pills lying in the background.

A Patient’s Guide to Statins for Cholesterol Treatment

Should you take a statin? Explore the effectiveness of statins in averting devastating cardiovascular events, along with possible side effects and alternatives.

A woman sits on her countertop while eating yogurt, wondering, “Do I need a probiotic?”

Gut Microbiome: How Do I Know if I Need a Probiotic?

“How do I know if I need a probiotic?” Explore the complexities of the gut microbiome, highlighting the latest research and potential benefits of probiotics.

A woman sits in a park on the green grass, journaling to cope with stress and anxiety.

We All Self-Medicate for Stress — What Are YOU Reaching For?

Learn several healthy techniques to cope with stress and understand the risks of turning to unhealthy habits such as substances, overeating, or avoidance.

What is an InBody scan? A close-up shot shows an InBody scan device in a bright, clean exam room.

Our First Year Using an InBody Device (And What It Is)

What is an InBody scan? Discover what this technology reveals about body composition, going beyond weight and traditional BMI to identify real health risks.

A woman with dark hair inspects her gradually receding hairline, wondering, “Why is my hair falling out so much?”

Why Is My Hair Falling Out So Much? (Hair Loss in Men and Women)

Wondering why your hair is falling out so much? Explore the common causes of hair loss for both men and women, and learn what you can do about them.

A bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds and bright sunshine symbolizes the connection between light, health, and wellness.

Your Circadian Rhythm: Synchronizing Light, Health, and Wellness

Explore how morning light exposure enhances sleep, mood, and overall well-being, and discover practical steps to tune your biological clock for optimal health.

A man sits at his gate, holding his passport in his hand before travelling internationally.

7 Things to Do Before Traveling Internationally

Embark on your international journey with confidence by following these seven essential tips. Prepare for a world of unforgettable experiences!

Yellow vitamins for anti aging sit on a wooden spoon in front of a light pink background.

Best Supplements and Vitamins for Anti-Aging

Explore the often shaky science backing popular supplements, and why holistic approaches like diet and exercise remain the gold standard for longevity.

A college student with arms spread wide hikes through the wooded area near campus, enjoying the benefits of a nature walk.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Nature

From stress reduction to cognitive function, explore why a stroll in the great outdoors offers benefits for your health.