A smiling couple power-walks together outside to get in shape after 50.

A Doctor’s 5-Step Guide to Athletic Performance After 50

You don’t have to abandon athleticism as you age. Learn how to pursue athletic performance and get into shape after 50 with these five tips.

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A physician’s hands hold his patient’s hand in compassion while at the desk in his office.

Why Banner Peak Health Is Committed to Delivering Versatile Healthcare

Every person deserves personalized, top-notch healthcare. Learn how Banner Peak Health’s tailored approach sets us apart from the healthcare you’re used to.

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A silver clock sits on an outdoor table with fall leaves in the sun, representing sleep experts’ views on daylight savings.

A Doctor’s View on the Potential Daylight Savings Changes

What could permanent daylight savings mean for your health? Find out what the sleep experts are saying.

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A sleeping woman holds a bottle of spilled sleeping pills, representing their dangers.

Why the Traditional Medical Approach to Sleep Is Failing Us

The traditional medical approach to sleep is falling short. Here’s a different approach to improving sleep — without a lifetime of pills.

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The word “cholesterol” is written on a heart-shaped chalkboard, which rests on a curled stethoscope.

Why Cholesterol Doesn’t Matter (Without a Coronary Calcium Score)

For years, cholesterol panels have been the standard for cardiac risk assessment, but what we see in patients every day shows it’s not enough. Find out why.

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Caffeine-rich  beans in a pot spilled on the table.

How Long Does It Take for Caffeine to Kick In?

The question, “How long does it take for caffeine to kick in?,” has a fairly simple answer, but how long the effects last is more complicated. Learn more.

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Multiple amber bottles of different NSAIDs for pain relief line up along a pharmacy counter.

NSAIDs: How Much Anti-Inflammatory Medication Is Too Much?

Are you taking NSAIDs for pain relief? You might be surprised to learn that NSAIDs have a long list of possible side effects. Learn more here.

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A woman sits on a couch learning how to detect cancer early with the GRAIL Galleri test from her physician.

The GRAIL Galleri Test: Catching Cancer Before It Catches You

Learn about the GRAIL Galleri Test, a revolutionary new cancer detection technology that can spot cancer earlier than ever before — with a simple blood test.

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A person who is eligible for a COVID booster in California received their shot and points to colorful Band-Aids on their arm.

Are You Eligible for a COVID Booster in California?

Who is eligible for a COVID booster in California? And who should get one? Here’s a crash course on the COVID booster and vaccine to help you decide.

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