A dark screen shows images of the brain scans of a person who wants to know how to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The ABCs of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Prevention

Learn how to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s through lifestyle changes and proactive health measures, an effective strategy against 33% of Alzheimer’s cases.

A man sits at his gate, holding his passport in his hand before travelling internationally.

7 Things to Do Before Traveling Internationally

Embark on your international journey with confidence by following these seven essential tips. Prepare for a world of unforgettable experiences!

A pink cartoon image of a colon with a smiley face on it represents colonoscopy prep hacks for a better experience.

12 Colonoscopy Prep Hacks for Better Results

Reduce the dread and unlock the secrets to a smoother, less stressful colonoscopy experience with these 12 doctor-recommended colonoscopy prep hacks.

A father and daughter stand against a blue background with yellow band-aids, after receiving vaccines.

Fall Vaccine Update 2023

There are three vaccines to discuss this year: influenza, COVID, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

A doctor in a hallway full of natural light checks off items on his patient’s preventative care checklist.

Overlooked Screenings That Belong on Your Preventative Care Checklist

Learn about commonly overlooked screenings on the conventional preventative care checklist and how personalized prevention can take you further.

How to Stop Jaw-Clenching From Stress

Learn how to stop clenching your jaw from stress, discover the physical and mental causes of this reaction, and find out how to break the cycle.

The GRAIL Galleri Test: Catching Cancer Before It Catches You

Learn about the GRAIL Galleri Test, a revolutionary new cancer detection technology that can spot cancer earlier than ever before — with a simple blood test.

A physician explains to a patient why preventative care is important.

Why Preventative Care Is the Ultimate Health Investment

Prevention is key when it comes to our health. Dr. Rotman explains why preventative care is important and should be our number one priority.