A young woman sits in her bed holding her head in her hand, experiencing seasonal affective disorder.

How to Treat the Winter Blues (SAD)

Explore seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a subset of depression linked to seasonal changes in light. Understand the symptoms and effective treatment options.

A woman in a white sweatshirt sits meditating atop a hill on a misty day, following Banner Peak’s 12-step meditation guide.

The Banner Peak Health Meditation Cheat Sheet

Discover the Banner Peak Health 12-step guide to meditation: a simple approach to counter stress and rejuvenate mind and body. Prioritize yourself today.

A bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds and bright sunshine symbolizes the connection between light, health, and wellness.

Your Circadian Rhythm: Synchronizing Light, Health, and Wellness

Explore how morning light exposure enhances sleep, mood, and overall well-being, and discover practical steps to tune your biological clock for optimal health.

A woman practices mindful meditation for anxiety and stress on her veranda near the ocean.

Meditation for Anxiety and Stress: What You Need to Know

Discover peace and mental clarity through meditation for anxiety and stress. Explore techniques to calm yourself and enhance your well-being.

A stressed man holds his head in frustration because he can’t remember important things long-term.

What Is the Relationship Between Stress and Memory?

Dive into the intricate relationship between stress and memory and explore how chronic high stress levels impact long-term recall.

A Garmin watch shows how it uses heart rate technology to measure stress.

How Does Garmin Measure Stress?

Explore how Garmin uses heart rate variability to accurately measure stress levels. Dive into the science of HRV, its importance, and how to improve yours.

A copy of the popular book, “Outlive,” by Peter Attia, lies open on a wooden table top.

Why ‘Outlive’ by Peter Attia Is One of the Best Books I’ve Ever Read

Dr. Attia’s “Outlive” emphasizes prevention over reaction, preferring proven fundamentals like lifestyle change rather than relying solely on pharmaceuticals.

An older woman reads instructions included with her menopausal hormone replacement therapy pack before beginning treatment.

Perimenopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy — An Updated View

We re-evaluate the benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for perimenopausal women: debunking myths, exploring benefits, and identifying risks.

After a run, a woman checks her Apple Watch heart rate monitor to get an accurate reading.

How Accurate Is Your Apple Watch’s Heart Rate Monitor?

Learn about the surprising accuracy of the Apple Watch heart rate monitor. Discover how it uses innovative tech to help users stay heart-healthy.

What Are the Health Benefits of Walking 10,000 Steps a Day?

10,000 steps a day: hokum or helpful? Learn the surprising origins of this advice and whether there really are health benefits to walking 10,000 steps a day.