A man smiles while sleeping peacefully on a bed covered in plush white pillows.

The Transformation of Sleep Medicine

It’s a sleep medicine revolution! Discover why I’m excited about the SleepImage Ring, what it can tell you, and how it simplifies diagnosing sleep disorders.

A doctor implements innovation in his medical practice by using AR technology to analyze a model double helix.

Medical Innovation — Our Approach

Banner Peak Health is revolutionizing preventative healthcare with the Metric-Driven Empowerment Cycle. Learn about our innovative approach in this post.

Dr. Barry Rotman smiles at the camera as he holds the ends of a black stethoscope that is draped around his neck.

From Barry Rotman, MD: My New Role at Banner Peak Health

After decades spent studying what others have discovered, I’m now exploring new approaches to medicine. What does this mean for my role at Banner Peak Health?

A close-up smartphone displays various medical articles available to read, with sun reflecting off the screen.

How to Be a Critical Reader of Medical Articles in the Lay Press 

Navigate the “infodemic” of medical information with these essential skills to critically discern relevant data from sensationalism in health articles.

A tech holds a rack of blood-filled tubes near a patient, representing the question, How often should you get bloodwork done?

How Often Should You Get Bloodwork Done?

Wondering how often you should get bloodwork done? It depends! Learn about the importance, types, and preparation related to bloodwork in our latest post.

The Banner Peak Health team stands together in the office, explaining the benefits of their office’s executive physical.

Executive Physical: Is It Worth It?

From more detail than traditional check-ups to more action on those insights, discover how ‘executive physicals’ differ at Banner Peak Health.

Significant Drug Side Effects Are More Common Than You Think

While medications can help us enormously, they can also cause side effects and interact badly with one another. Learn what to do if you suspect a problem.

Why Banner Peak Health Is Committed to Delivering Versatile Healthcare

Every person deserves personalized, top-notch healthcare. Learn how Banner Peak Health’s tailored approach sets us apart from the healthcare you’re used to.

We Need More Empathy in Healthcare

Patients want their physicians to provide an empathetic healthcare experience that meets their needs, so how do we make that happen? Find out here.