Many people are drawn to concierge medicine for its attention to detail and to the individual.

For example, when people are due for their annual physical, they often want more than the traditional healthcare system can provide. This has led to the development of the “executive physical.”

Critiques of the Annual Physical

In 2015, The New England Journal of Medicine published a study claiming annual physicals were a waste of time and money, as they “do not reduce morbidity or mortality, and preventive care can be updated in other ways.”

The study caused an uproar in the medical community. Physicians all across America believed these researchers had insulted the foundations of the traditional healthcare experience.

That’s not exactly true. These researchers were really saying that it’s difficult to put a monetary value on the results of a typical primary care physical. They believed the healthcare establishment could better use its resources elsewhere.

The study holds some truth.

The traditional annual physical is constrained by time and insurance, and often, primary care physicians are unable to help their patients address all of their health care needs.

At Banner Peak Health, we’re free from those time and insurance constraints, meaning we can offer our patients more in the form of the executive physical.

But not all executive physicals are created equal.

Infographic: Executive Physical: Is It Worth It?

The ‘Executive Physical’ Difference

Have you ever seen high-cotton paper? Elegant, high-end paper with cotton content to demonstrate its importance? I see it from time to time.

As the concept of the executive physical has gained popularity, many patients first turn to major academic medical institutions. However, that’s rarely their final stop. After leaving their medical institution of choice, these patients come to me with beautiful binders full of high-cotton paper printed with tons of data — that have never been opened.

To me, this demonstrates the potential weakness of an executive physical; it lacks the means to respond to all the detailed information it discovers.

Banner Peak Health strives to provide something more valuable.

Quote: Executive Physical: Is It Worth It?

Executive Physicals: The Banner Peak Health Difference

Our executive physical not only investigates possible risk factors, but also provides the structure to implement our findings.

If you’re busy enough to value the time spent on an executive physical, you’ll likely struggle to find enough time to implement the results. That’s how we differentiate ourselves — it comes down to time.

We don’t just generate. We implement.

That’s not to say larger academic institutions aren’t valuable — they have a lot of advanced equipment under one roof. But we take executive physicals a step further by customizing each exam according to the diagnostic studies appropriate for each individual.

We can dedicate the time necessary to provide the care you deserve, and we aren’t beholden to insurance when it comes to what applications, tests, and technologies we can use and order.

From Galleri testing to coronary artery calcium scores, we offer more comprehensive medical insights, and will help you implement solutions every step of the way. Without implementation, test results are just data points printed on expensive paper collecting dust on a shelf.

If you’re ready to implement, we’d love to welcome you as a member at Banner Peak Health. Contact us today.