In medicine, one size does not fit all.

There’s an inherent biological reality for all of us as individuals. We respond differently to medications, have different burdens of illness, different learning styles, and different emotional resilience.

A single approach simply doesn’t work. Maximum versatility is paramount.

For a clinical approach to be successful, it must accommodate the tremendous variation that is the human experience. Unfortunately, traditional healthcare systems often fall short in their ability to accommodate that inherent variety.

At Banner Peak Health, two vital tools allow us to provide personalized, customized, and individualized care for our patients.

The first is our relationships with our patients. We have greater in-depth knowledge of our patients based on deep, long-term connections. We slow down and take the time to get to know each one personally.

Our second tool is our practice’s structure. By removing the time constraints imposed in traditional healthcare practices, we can spend more time with each patient. We use that time to uncover what they need and develop treatment plans for them as individuals.

With these two vital tools, we’re able to explore the differences each of our patients bring to their healthcare interactions.

Infographic: Why Banner Peak Health Is Committed to Delivering Versatile Healthcare

How Is Banner Peak Health Different?

How We Deliver Care

In traditional healthcare, insurance dictates what care patients can receive and how doctors can deliver that care. They refer to clinical visits as being “seen by the doctor,” because the structure of most insurance plans requires patients to physically be seen in order to receive reimbursement.

Banner Peak Health is free from this constraint. We enjoy more flexibility and can provide whatever care best fits the individual: in person, telehealth, texting, etc. You don’t have to be seen to be seen.

Patients Get Homework

Healthcare is not a single event. It’s how you live your life every day.

Thus, we provide our patients with written homework for almost all encounters, because healthcare is not what occurs under our roof — it’s what you take with you and implement in your daily life. Banner Peak Health is organized to facilitate and systematize that level of communication.

State-of-the-Art Testing

Since we’re freed from the constraints of insurance, we can explore a wider range of medical technologies we feel are vital to patient care.

We’ve been early adopters of state-of-the-art cancer detection technology such as Galleri by GRAIL, which can detect multiple forms of cancer using only a blood draw.

Other excellent detection tests we use include coronary artery calcium (CAC) scans to detect early coronary artery disease and body composition tests instead of BMI. One such test is InBody, which utilizes bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure full body composition in under two minutes.

We take a wide array of metrics into account because we care about getting a full picture of each individual.

Quote: Why Banner Peak Health Is Committed to Delivering Versatile Healthcare

Today’s Takeaways

At Banner Peak Health, we want to introduce people to options and opportunities they aren’t aware of, usually because they’ve only ever known the constraints of the traditional healthcare system.

We see this in so many patients who come to us from traditional healthcare. They’re used to shoddy service and insurance constraints, and they accept this as the norm.

But you have options. You can enter a world where doctors won’t tell you “no,” physicians won’t short-shrift your time, and a human being will answer the phone when you call.

We’re all individuals, and we deserve better than that. You deserve better than that.

Which is why we exist.