A teddy bear with a bandage around his head represents the effects of childhood trauma in adulthood.

The Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Physical Illness

Explore the effects of childhood trauma in adulthood. Learn how past trauma can impact health and some steps to address its effects.

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Why Stress May Be Your Worst Enemy

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What Is a ‘Stress Belly’ and What Does One Look Like?

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Text Neck: The Hidden Epidemic We Shouldn’t Ignore

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Circadian Rhythm Manipulation for Insomnia and Sleep Habits

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COVID 2023: Are We There Yet?

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What Is Sleep’s Effect on Athletic Performance?

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Are You Eligible for a COVID Booster in California?

Who is eligible for a COVID booster in California? And who should get one? Here’s a crash course on the COVID booster and vaccine to help you decide.

COVID: The New Annual Holiday Tradition?

We've now gone through three holiday seasons confronting COVID. Unbelievable, but I have double-checked my math. Each year, the COVID pandemic has been at a unique phase in terms of treatment options…